Using International Standards to link Intellectual Property Metadata.



Isonym, which is Greek for "equal name", is defined to be the globally unique and public name of entities in digital supply chains.


Isonym provides a method for binding international standard identifiers with rights owners and their works to facilitate government-mandated royalty payments. In media distribution systems, rights owners (e.g. writers, artists, performers, publishers) identified with an ISNI can be disambiguated from other rights owners across the entire spectrum of Creative Industries. Isonym uses artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technology to provide a global identity and intellectual property (IP) recordation service that facilitates cross-border payments.


The following is a list of International Standard Identifiers used within digital media supply chains to deliver and track content:

The Registration Authorities for these Identifiers maintain databases that operate in isolation. In fact, their main objective is to identify entities and prevent duplicative assignment of identifiers. Since 2006, It has been a common goal of standards bodies to build interoperability between the aforementioned ISO identifiers in order to address a variety of use cases within Copyright Based Industries. The Linked Content Coalition was founded in 2010 to establish a framework for automated communication between rights holders and distributors of content.

In May 2015, the European Union made it a top priority to create a Digital Single Market and unlock €415 Billion EUR a year in market value. Central to the strategy is the adoption of standards to facilitate information exchange between digital service providers, distributors, and consumers.

Isonym's method to associate standard identifiers complies with the Linked Content Coalition framework and Open Data policies to ensure transparency, discoverability, and interoperability within Digital Single Markets. 

ISNI Background


Digital Supply Chain

This diagram shows a typical Copyright Industry supply chain. Isonym provides a distributed ledger service for Rights Owners to register their content and issue Intellectual Property (IP) licenses. The public data of the IP license (e.g. Time, Territory, and Type)  can be viewed by anyone. The private data of the IP license (e.g. Consideration, Conditions, and Collections) is encrypted and hashed. Isonym uses the hash to issue ISO20022-compliant smart contracts that execute payments between entities in the supply chain.


White Paper

Maximizing the Value of Networked Audiovisual Libraries (2005) - Aguilera & Robles

With the publication of the ISAN as an ISO standard in 2004, National Libraries around the world were encouraged to adopt its use for archival purposes and to facilitate discovery of audiovisual works. Francisco Aguilera, the first President of the ISAN International Agency, and Elmer Robles describe how the ISAN Ontology can be used to generate value by associating audiovisual works with each other. One of the major European Union challenges at the time was to categorize audiovisual works based on "nationality" in order to gather statistics on cultural influences.  

Isonym Technology

Isonym uses distributed ledger technology (aka blockchain) for recordation services as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents to insure compliance with international standards in digital identification and cross-border payments.

About Us

Montse Llorens Torres - Montse is an Intellectual Property attorney based in Alicante, Spain--where the European Union's Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is located. She manages the registration and protection of European Union Trademarks and Registered Community Designs for international clients. Montse also promotes Spain's Audiovisual Industry and represents Ciudad de la Luz Studios, one of Europe's most advanced film and television studio complexes. She continues to work towards the harmonization of copyright policies in support of the European Union's Digital Single Market.

Francisco "Paco" Aguilera - Paco was the Chairman of the Board and President of the ISAN International Agency (ISAN-IA) in 2003. He also served as the Director of International Relations for the Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) in Spain, where he was instrumental in shaping the policies of the European Union's MEDIA Programme. He co-authored a paper with Elmer Robles to encourage the utilization of the ISAN by National Libraries of European member-states.

Elmer Robles - Elmer is a computer scientist from UC Berkeley. He worked for Hughes (now Raytheon) and designed secure communications for the F-22 Raptor's avionics system. He moved to DirecTV (now AT&T) and developed a visual language to represent television contracts. The payment system he developed settles over $2B a month to television suppliers like Disney, Warner Bros, and ESPN. In 2003 he founded Encienda, a company in Spain to build intellectual property management systems for Ciudad de la Luz Studios and the European Union's MEDIA Programme. In 2007, he became the Program Manager for a $21M technology enchancement contract at the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). He architected the New Trademark Search System, from which TMView is derived. In 2014, he founded Market Awareness Group (MAG) LLC, an Intellectual Property management company in Las Vegas, NV. He is currently based in the Philippines;  building Intellectual Property software for use within the ASEAN Economic Community as well as for export to other Digital Single Markets.